What is Liberty? A Blueprint for Tomorrow

Third in a 3-part series

by Jim Komaniecki

The Progressive-Left Madison Avenue media machine has duped Americans into accepting sodomy as equal to herrosexual behavious, with associated civil respect.  Having the media against you is one thing, but when the Churches are weak and not challenging from the pulpit what the culture is being spoon-fed in the streets, you have been outflanked and the seeds sown for total defeat. Our political and cultural adversaries have managed to achieve what a few decades ago would have seemed impossible.

Looking back, we see how they did it.

We know that the success of the homosexual movement began with undermining the moral foundations of America in the 1960’s with the removal of school prayer from public schools, the introduction of no-fault divorce, the development of the contraceptive pill, and of course abortion on demand. Each of these events moved us further down the road to perdition by driving a wedge between behavior and personal responsibility, with a focus being placed on personal sexual gratification above all else.

What this proves is that it’s so much easier to destroy something than to build it or defend it.

And perhaps herein lies a hint for us in trying to preserve a society based upon natural law and God’s law. Recall the old adage that “the best defense is a good offense.” While we have expended much energy defending heterosexuality and traditional marriage with rational arguments, we have not sufficiently attacked the homosexual movement offensively using the methods which they have used effectively against us. We did not “community organize” sufficient angry groups of parents in schools to stop the introduction of homosexuality into the classroom via “Gay-straight” Alliances and the “Day of Silence.” We have not effectively created enough fear in the mind of the public about the danger of the AIDS epidemic. The media was permitted to brainwash the public night and day about “gay” civil rights. Politicians everywhere (including many so-called Republicans) have been permitted to raise the white flag of surrender with impunity. Most Churches and pastors around the nation who could have activated their flocks in opposition to the trend have abandoned them by refusing to teach Biblical Christianity.

So where do we go from here?

Looking back over time, it’s clear to me that matters will continue to erode until we rescue America’s fallen spiritual life. Human history is filled with long-wavelength periods of progress and decline. Fifty years ago, we entered into a long period of national decline, I’m sad to acknowledge. And before we hit bottom, the spark of American freedom just might be dimmed significantly or extinguished altogether. Time will tell the story of future history. But meanwhile, we should put our energy into rebuilding authentic Christianity, because this was the foundation of what led to the founding of America. Our nation would not be in the appalling state of affairs we see today if Christianity were a guiding force in most people’s lives. Today religion and moral principle does not matter to most people. Our society has abandoned God and the principles which built America. And now the only way forward is to go back — back to a time when Christian virtue would have precluded the kind of destructive influence which we see operating today. If our Churches were truly strong and influential in American life, imagine what we could achieve. This is where we should focus our energy over the next fifty years.

The only way to restore American liberty is to restore Christianity.


Jim Komaniecki, President
www.RestoreAmericanLiberty.com INC.
Defending Freedom, Judeo-Christian Values
and Conservative Principles

Reprinted with permission from Jim Komaniecki