By John J. McCartney, Jr.

This appeal is made hoping you will redirect your support from illegal immigration to legal immigration.  It is not unjust to enforce our comparatively reasonable (think Mexico) immigration laws, while it is unjust to ignore the 1.4 million Mexicans waiting, often years, to enter legally. It’s punishing the innocent while rewarding the guilty which is the way of corporations and government.

Publicly supporting open borders, albeit for pastoral reasons, appears self-serving and indifferent to the swamping of Texas and Arizona, with the consequent burden on public services and the taxpayers maintaining them. Note also the 90,000 plus unaccompanied children and teens welcomed here by the Administration thereby increasing the burden.

The party in power sees the citizen-children of illegal immigrants, now reaching voting age in waves of 335,000 a year, as entitlement-purchased votes; the other party, as cheap labor. The labor can be obtained without unbalancing our political system; the votes cannot. Given the party in power’s resistance to common-sense voter ID and its connivance in Acorn-type voting fraud (in one federal court district 3% of those called from voter rolls for jury duty were non-citizens), can’t we expect pressure on non-citizens to vote early and often.

These new voters will be used to turn the United States socialist blue. Eventually, the 109,631,000 residents on means-tested welfare could expand to 150,000,000 or more, given, among other causes,  rising illegitimacy. Such dependency is showing its violent face in Chicago where young black males, made fatherless by the Great Society’s social policies, are killing each other in alarming numbers (In the early 1950’s 82% of black families were intact).  To view our future, see Theodore Dalrymple’s Life at the Bottom…. A report on the UK’s government-nurtured permanent underclass. An example our of own: California’s teen single mothers from Mexico are using food assistance at a higher level than white and black single mothers.

Is it reasonable to believe that the new young voters would vote for a party trying to control  excessive entitlement spending in consideration of the 66% not on means-tested welfare. It is not; they will vote for their Benefactor; they will vote for the party of Planned Parenthood, abortion, non-enforcement of adult pornography laws, the Affordable Care Act, same-sex “marriage,” aggressive promotion of the “gay” lifestyle, disdain for religious freedom, job-killing taxation/regulation, and unconstitutional use and expansion of government power.

What are we to make of a President, a vocal advocate of population control, facilitating mass illegal immigration (even over-riding one border state’s legitimate resistance) when millions of  Americans, finding no job, have left the labor force, while black unemployment is two times that of whites, while black teen (16-19) unemployment is 32.8%, and when out of 6 million new jobs, 5.7 went to immigrants.

What can be done when the Goliaths of Big Government, Big Business, and Big Media support illegal immigration?

One—Lobby, not as the bishops have done for entitlements but for congressional support for small business which would benefit particularly Mexicans, born business people, who would become more resistant to the lure of the Government Carrot,

Two—Take the side of the burdened taxpayer for whom illegal immigration is costing $113 billion per year.  The government is borrowing to pay the cost, at an interest rate which can run to tens of billions a year.

Three—Urge priests to use homilies and other catechesis to alert their congregations to the effects of dependency: domestic violence, serial cohabitation, fatherless children, alcohol /drug abuse, rising crime, low educational performance, and decreasing motivation to seek work. Research (Barna R.G.) shows  that no more than 50% of American clergy are dealing with controversial topics in spite of personal concern over them. These topics represent realities undermining families, and therefore society.

Four—Recommend sources (Spanish and English) which help Catholics distinguish between real need and government-identified “need,” sources which foster skepticism about the party in power and how its policies and programs affect minorities over time. This in unison with the Catholic press, radio, TV and with conservative secular outlets could engender some political sophistication among immigrants as well as a can-give mentality unlike the can-get one which the Administration is cultivating.

Five—Intensify well-considered criticism of Hispanic politicians who use their ethnicity and/or their religion to gain and hold office,  yet consistently vote anti-family, anti-life, pro-Planned Parenthood, and anti-taxpayer.

This appeal is coming from a Catholic layman who has lived in a mostly Mexican community for 30 years  while teaching in the black community, whose late wife learned Spanish to work in the Hispanic young adult  ministry, and whose oldest daughter teaches the children of the newcomers. There is no doubt in our minds that these are good, hard-working people, but such people can be used just as can bad, lazy people. Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if the spiritual descendants of Juan Diego were to be enticed into perpetuating a militantly secularist party at odds with his Church and that for which it stands.