Catholic Relief Services Employees Stand With Planned Parenthood

By Michael Hichborn, Lepanto Institute

Following on the heels of the Lepanto Institute’s latest analysis of employees at Catholic Relief Services comes the discovery that at least four of CRS’s employees “stand” with Planned Parenthood.

Jessica Garrels has been a Program Quality & Business Development coordinator for Catholic Relief Services, stationed in Mali, since 2012.  Prior to that, she spent 10 months working as a fellow for CRS in Niger.

On November 28, 2015, Garrels posted a “#StandwithPP” overlay over one of her pictures, indicating that she supports Planned Parenthood and endorses continued government funding of the big-box retail chain of abortion stores.  As is indicated in the image below, there are 26 “likes” of this post by Garrels … three of which came from other CRS employees.

The three other Catholic Relief Services employees who “liked” this post are Nat Pholsena (left), Siia Phetvillaysouk (middle),and  Tina Bounmixay (right).  With the language barrier, it is difficult to say, but it appears that these three women work for Garrels.

But Garrels’ support for Planned Parenthood isn’t limited to this one post.  On January 22, 2016, Garrels posted an article by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin, which complained that the Wisconsin Senate voted to cut funding to the abortion-giant.

On January 9, Garrels wrote “Well said!” and then quoted US Representative Gwen S. Moore about defending Planned Parenthood.

Given her staunch support for Planned Parenthood, it should come as no surprise that in 2012, Garrels made a $200 campaign contribution to Planned Parenthood’s biggest political ally, Barack Obama.

The problems at CRS are legion, and with employees promoting Planned Parenthood, is it really any surprise that we would also discover things like:

the vile sex education programs being implemented by CRS,

CRS’s promotion of contraception through PEPFAR grants (and subsequent cover-up of the program),

CRS’s implementation of graphic condom-promoting programs,

CRS’s funding of abortion and contraception providing organizations.

The Chairman of the board of Catholic Relief Services is Archbishop Paul Coakley.  Please contact Archbishop Coakley and respectfully ask him to clean house at CRS, starting with the removal of employees who act against the Church.  As long as CRS employs individuals whose philosophies are completely against Catholic teaching, this problem will only get worse.

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