Two “Project on Death in America” Soros Scholars Named to the Pontifical Academy for Life

By Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD, Executive Director, Life Tree

Some of you may already know that the completely remade membership at the Pontifical Academy for Life has raised controversy because it includes Prof Nigel Biggar, but did you know that the new list of PAV members includes two individuals who have been leaders of the stealth euthanasia movement for decades?  They are part of the original academic cohort of Soros Scholars who promote passive euthanasia by withholding/withdrawing life sustaining treatment or by overdose of pain medication hiding behind the principle of double effect.  They have been using the new specialty of palliative medicine to execute their goals.

In the 90s George Soros’ Open Society Institute added impetus to the healthcare infrastructure changes begun by the Robert Wood Johnson foundation in the 80s.  Soros put Kathleen Foley, MD in charge of his Soros Scholars and named Franciscan Brother Daniel Sulmasy to be one of his funded-leaders for change in academic institutions.  They are both on the list of new PAV members!

How is this possible?  One would think that all who promote passive euthanasia should be disqualified from membership on the Pontifical Academy for Life.  The Catholic Church teaches unconditional protection for all human life — from its beginning and to its end.   What do the Foley/Sulmasy appointments signal?  That the Church has not been doing its homework?  That the Church is a willing accomplice of the advocates for backdoor euthanasia?  Whatever the reason, the appointment of these two individuals will most surely take the influence of the death controllers to a whole new level.

In the rest of this email I offer thoughts on why Dr. Foley should not be acceptable to Archbishop Paglia and his committee.

George Soros describes why he became a funder and the importance of the Faculty Scholars Program in his efforts to change our culture.

“These personal experiences with the deaths of my parents are some of the reasons I established the Project on Death in America to promote a better understanding of the experiences of dying and bereavement and by doing so help transform the culture surrounding death. Through its Faculty Scholars Program and Grants Program, the project supports initiatives in research, scholarship, the humanities, and the arts, as well as innovations in the provision of care, public education, professional education, and public policy.”

Dr. Foley’s relationship with Soros is very visible.  Listen to what Myra Christopher says about her as she introduces Foley’s presentation The Politics of Palliative Care in August, 2010  at the Center for Practical Bioethics in Kansas City.

Dr. Foley speaks to a very important audience.  In the 90s the Center for Practical Bioethics (then the Midwest Bioethics Center) received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to lead a national program called Community-State Partnerships (C-SPs)  building on the pre-existing state bioethics groups.  They worked to change state guidelines on withholding/withdrawing life-sustaining procedures and pain management to make them more compatible with passive euthanasia.

Dr. Foley says she opposes physician assisted suicide, but her statement to the British House of Lords in January, 2005 about their proposed physician assisted suicide (PAS) Bill reveals that she does not believe PAS is inherently wrong.  She testified that more time is needed to condition people’s thinking about hastening death and that the right time for legalization of physician assisted suicide may be 10, 20, or even 30 years away.

She said:  “…it [physician-assisted suicide] would make the physician the agent of death. It medicalises killing really at a time when our resources for care are limited, when physicians in their daily practice are under enormous pressures in your country and in my own, and perhaps it will take 10, 20 or 30 years for all of these issues to be resolved and for care to be provided to all, and perhaps at that point in time this legalisation might be reconsidered, but at this point in time it is I do not think economically feasible or socially or politically appropriate to do so…”

Dr. Foley is a board member and former president of the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Medicine (IAHPM), 2005-2007 and is the medical director of the International Palliative Care Initiative of Soros’ Open Society Public Health Program.  Her membership on the Pontifical Academy for Life will be the green light for spreading the international culture of death.

Is this a stealth takeover of the PAV by the moderate wing of the euthanasia movement or are the people at the Pontifical Academy for Life very naive?  The PAV needs prudence and our prayers.

We pray that the Holy Spirit will intervene,

Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD (Betty),                                                                                                               Executive Director, LifeTree                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         PO Box 17301                                                                                                                                                               Raleigh, NC, 27619


CCI Editor’s Note:  You may remember that last year the Democrat Party website and also George Soros website were hacked and reported in the media.  George Soros was quoted as saying: “Now I am the Pope’s Boss.”