Barb Kralis calls Cardinal Ratzinger’s office, and “Fr.

Barb Kralis calls Cardinal Ratzinger’s office, and “Fr. Jorge … said that Rome has no jurisdiction, no competence over what goes on in the United States, that it is the matter for Bishop Lynch. I told him Bp. Lynch wasn’t doing anything and Fr. Jorge said he was sorry that this was so hard on so many faithful in the U.S. but Rome nor the Pope nor Cd. Ratzinger could tell Bp. Lynch in his See (St. Petersburg, Fla.) what do so about this matter. Again, I told him that if Rome didn’t intervene, Terri would start to die a most horrible death tomorrow. And, again Fr. Jorge said Rome had no control over the U.S. Bishops (he doesn’t know how true his words are!). I pleaded that the Pope surely could intervene with a statement that would influence the federal judge, and he said absolutely not. He said he was truly sorrowful and all the consolation he could give me was to pray for a miracle. I was then cut off quickly by Fr. Jorge with the parting words, “Bye Bye, I must go now. No more discussion on this matter.”