The “Cuties” Project. Lowering the age of consent is the ultimate prize. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

The “Cuties” Project. Lowering the age of consent is the ultimate prize. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, 10 September 2020

Netflix created a hideous video called “Cuties”, which is nothing but child exploitation and worse, sexual abuse of children and an offence to any person they peddle it to.

Yeah…. if you object to “Cuties” you will be called a “pedophobe” in some way.

If you say that abortion is the preeminent life issue, some will say that you are against Catholic social teaching.

There is a connection between these issues.

It seems to me that this development reveals an important shift in the engineered devolving of society. I’ve written about this before and I will repeat myself.

What we see in Netflix and “Cuties” is an important stage in homosexualist incrementalism. This is what the homosexualist agenda is aiming for: lowering the age of consent.

Lowering the age of consent is what I have called for homosexualists the “brass ring”, as in on an old fashioned merry-go-round: catch one and you get a free ride.

We seen this trajectory for a long time now.

The homosexualists have slowly been shifting the language about deviant same-sex acts and those who regularly commit them.  Follow the trajectory.

Through the MSM and entertainment industry the image of homosexuality as something hidden and unclean was broken by replacing it with victim status during the flaming up of the AIDS epidemic in certain populations.

Then the victim image had to be broken and replaced, which was accomplished through cool and “with it” characters in TV shows and other culture movers.  Think of the absurdly high percentage of homosexuals in TV shows, increasing every year.  You can’t turn on a TV series now and not find it filled with deviants, now doing deviant things in prime time.

BUT!  They are cool and emotionally sensitive, who have answers for the dysfunctional and often less attractive “hetero” characters.

Fuse this culture shift with the rise of no-fault divorce and nearly universal contraception and we have the perfect deadly storm that can rip the sexual act conceptually away from marriage (what’s that?) and procreation (what’s that?).

Shall we mention the near total silence of the Catholic Church?

Now that subcultures are multiplying like viruses, we are just about ready, I think, for the next stage of the assault on the human person and God’s plan.  Not content for legalization of same-sex “marriage”, the next phase of the homosexualist agenda will soon be implemented: lowering of the age of consent (aka the aforementioned the brass ring).

And now they have helpers within the Church who are highly visible and often in positions of authority.   Certain Jesuits are blatant homosexualists, their superiors do nothing to stop them and bishops allow them to speak anywhere.  Bishops themselves in Germany are talking about blessing same-sex relationships.

Within the Catholic Church very highly placed authorities are working incrementally to detach procreation from human procreative powers and potentials and acts.

If you can successfully detach procreation from the use of procreative acts, etc., then it’s game over for Catholic moral teaching and, subsequently, for all Catholic doctrine.

Once you say that what is true (in nature and revelation) isn’t true, it’s over.

And, to be clear, the brass ring they are all reaching for is the lowering of the age of consent of those whom you can rape … have sex with.

And to hell with those who are trying to live chaste lives and who fight various inclinations.  Now, highly placed teachers in the Church are offering justification for mortal sins because, after all, people can’t live according to “ideals”.  It’s tooooo haaaard.   That’s what those who use Amoris laetitia as an excuse for Communion for adulterers.  Ideals are … well… unrealistic.  In our “lived experience”, we see that living chastely can be difficult, and that many fall.  The ideal remains the ideal but we all know that it is is simply too hard.  Therefore, let’s stop calling acts that violate the ideal an obstacle to receiving the sacraments (which are also “ideals”, I guess).

If some at the very pinnacle of those behind the scenes fueling these movements – not their Jesuit tools, German bishops, etc. – have the ultimate transformation of the Church in mind, those who are at lower levels of the movements really want to have sex with anyone or anything, and to start recruiting while their young.   The Jesuit and the bishops are dupes, chumps, useful idiots.

In 2017 there was a super-creepy conference for a “gay” thing with provocative “man-boy” imagery.  Back in 2018 we saw a disgusting story at LifeSite about LGBT deluxe designer using a 9 year old drag-queen to advertise  a sequined onesie alongside a “BDSM Bondage Leather Star and Chain Dress,” bondage-themed nipple pasties, and glittery anatomy-highlighting men’s underwear.

In 2020 at The Catholic Thing David Carlin made observations along the line of what I’ve been shouting for while.  Carlin added something, however, and he surely right.   Above, I mentioned the MSM and entertainment industry.  He says of the Great Progressive Propaganda Machine (GPPM):

I am astonished at the success the Great Progressive Propaganda Machine (GPPM) has had at promoting the moral acceptability of abortion and homosexuality, especially the latter.  Half the nation or more now believes abortion to be a good thing.  Not good in and of itself. Rather, good as a somewhat unfortunate necessity; an instrumental good, not an intrinsic good.


When you say, as the GPPM says, that abortion and homosexual practice are morally acceptable, you are saying that traditional Christianity is wrong about these matters; and you plainly imply that it is very probably wrong about many other matters as well.  The endorsement of abortion and homosexual practice, in other words, is tantamount to a denunciation of old-fashioned Christianity.

This is not at all strange given that the GPPM is mostly made up of four institutions dominated by atheists and near-atheists: [NB!] (a) the mainstream news media, (b) the entertainment industry (which was on display at the Golden Globes), (c) our best colleges and universities, and (d) the Democratic Party.  These are the “command posts” of American culture.


MSM… entertainment industry… academia… Democrat Party.

Just look at the Democrat Party platform and review the videos from the DNC.  And look the catholics on that stage.

Homosexualists within the Catholic Church also want what their allies in the larger GPPM want.

The brass-ring is the lowering of the age of consent.   They have allies among those who downplay the right-to-be born as the preeminent human rights, social justice issue.

Therefore, we will see the MSM and entertainment industry more and more often radically sexualizing children – rather like they did to women in past decades – practically turning them into whores.   If they can numb us to it, they will eventually grab that brass ring and obtain a lowering of the age of consent.

Remember, these homosexualists and abortion defenders (they both detach sexual acts from their purpose – procreation) are, at heart, totalitarians.

And when you hear some Catholic wonk spout the corrosive message that abortion is not the preeminent life issue but merely one of equal importance with any number of other issues, you know that you have run into one of the bedfellows of the homosexualists who are reaching for that brass ring.

Again, if you can successfully detach procreation from the use of sexual acts, etc., then it’s game over for Catholic moral teaching and, subsequently, for all Catholic doctrine.

Once you say that what is true (in nature and revelation) isn’t true, it’s over.