Illinois lights up legally but not all are cheering

By Chris Woodward,, January 3, 2020

Recreational marijuana is now legal in the state of Illinois, with predictions of millions in revenue, but not everyone is cheering for those who light up.

Supporters say the legalization of marijuana will bring in revenue and eliminate the harms of marijuana prohibition.

Estimates by state officials say cannabis sales could generate $250 million for Illinois by 2022.

David E. Smith of Illinois Family Institute tells OneNewsNow it will be a huge problem for police and first responders.

“Traffic accidents, workplace incidents, emergency room visits all increase,” he says, “as a result of more people using an intoxicating substance more freely.”

Colorado is a good example. After cannabis was legalized there, CNN reported on a spike in marijuana-related visits to just one ER: 9,973 visits were recorded from 2012 to 2016, a “threefold increase,” CNN said.

Smith, David (IFI)Illinois Family Institute predicted the legalization of marijuana and fought the allowance of medical marijuana, which is often used as a stepping stone by advocates for eventual legalization.

“Five, six years later,” says Smith, “we now have recreational marijuana in Illinois.”

Smith says people concerned about marijuana should counsel young people in our communities, using the caution expressed in 1Peter 5:8 about being sober and alert.

“When people are using marijuana, they’re no longer sober, they’re no longer alert,” Smith says. “They are now vulnerable to Satan’s ploys and attacks and schemes.”

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