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Catholic Citizens of Illinois, founded in 1997 to bring the Catholic faith to the public square

In answer to the call of the Second Vatican Council to genuine lay involvement in the life of the Church and society, Catholic Citizens of Illinois was founded in 1997. We support Catholic values in the public life of Illinois, seeking to educate our fellow Catholics to serve as responsible witnesses to Christ in the midst of human society

Through effective, non-partisan programs, Catholic Citizens of Illinois actively ad­dresses American culture and public policy from a perspective formed in strict fidelity to Holy Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Our objective is to enhance Catholic lay people’s understanding of their Faith with respect to their civic obligations to ad­vocate for their beliefs, e.g., for religious liberty, the right to life from conception to natural death and natural marriage between one man and one woman as a permanent, indissoluble union.

LUMEN GENTIUM, ¶38: “Each individual layman must stand before the world as a witness to the res­urrection and life of the Lord Jesus and a symbol of the living God. All the laity as a community and each one according to his ability must nourish the world with spiritual fruits. They must diffuse in the world that spirit which animates the poor, the meek, the peace makers—whom the Lord in the Gospel proclaimed as blessed. In a word, ‘Christians must be to the world what the soul is to the body.”

Welcome to www.catholiccitizens.org! Thanks for visiting us at Catholic Citizens of Illinois! We have assembled this web site to serve as a source of news, views and events of interest to Illinois Catholics. This website was established in the spring of 2002. Since that time, our website has been producing a weekly E-newsletter and received numerous awards for fidelity, ease of use, and accuracy.

There are no annoying popup ads at this site, and never will be. We do not solicit or accept advertisements, nor to we solicit links to other sites. Subscribers and users can very easily opt in or opt out of newsletters and press releases by adding their email, or adding email addresses for their friends and family members.

This website includes the following sections:

HOME – The home page is a summary of the most current press releases, viewpoints (called ‘For the Media’) and items of Catholic ‘News.” To the right along the rail we list events. Below each of catagories, you can expand the page to show more stories.

ABOUT US Information about CCI and about the site.

Catholic News – Recent news stories impacting Catholics.

Catholic Views – Editorials and opinions impacting Catholics.

Events – a calendar of upcoming events impacting Catholics

NEWLETTERS – In addition to the weekly web updates, we offer a quarterly newsletter in a magazine format. This award winning quarterly is sent exclusively to our financial supporters (suggested donation is $35 to help defray mailing and production costs.) Back issues of the Newsletter are available in PDF Adobe format.

CONTACT US – If you have questions or comments, please see the email addresses that have been provided.

SEARCH – SEARCH will scan the archives based on words or phrases you select. Depending on the age of your computer, this search could take a few minutes, but there are several thousand articles on this site.

THE CATHOLIC CITIZEN Quarterly Newsletter 


The Catholic Citizen is Catholic Citizens of Illinois’ quarterly newsletter. It covers Illinois public life and culture from a Catholic perspective. Annual membership ($35.00) includes a subscription to the The Catholic Citizen.

Thousands of Catholics all over the United States have joined us in Illinois in the fight to restore and defend authentic Catholic culture. For copies of our membership brochure, which we encourage you to share with your friends at church, please email your request to admin@catholiccitizens.org.


Catholic Citizens of Illinois only exists because of the generous gifts of people like you. The average donation we receive is $35. For current members, if you would like for us to send a gift subscription of our quarterly newsletter to a parent, son, daughter or other relative, please send us their name and we’ll keep them updated.

Catholic Citizens is a 501 (c) 3 organization.  All donations are fully deductible.

Thanks for sharing your time with us, and God bless you!


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