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There Is No Common Faith in God Shared by Catholics and Muslims

FSSPX.News, August 3, 2020 On June 4, 2020, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan, made a declaration, published by LifeSiteNews, on the Abu Dhabi Document signed on February 4, 2019 by Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed el-Tayeb. Here is the... read more

The Cultural Revolution and Us

By Bevil Bramwell, OMI, August 2, 2020 The United States is currently going through its own version of China’s Cultural Revolution, including rampaging mobs, hell-bent on the destruction of property and historical artifacts. These disturbances have obscured the sometimes quite legitimate... read more

What’s at stake if Catholic schools don’t open in the fall

By Tim Huelskamp, Washington Examiner, July 29, 2020 Catholic schools in America comprise the largest parochial school system in the world. They have been in existence even before our nation’s founding. They have built an unparalleled legacy of academic excellence, promoted racial and ethnic... read more

Pope Francis’s Silence on Xinjiang Speaks Volumes

By Benedict Rogers, foreign Policy, July 29, 2020 A pope dedicated to human rights has said nothing on China, thanks to a secret deal with Beijing. This month, the president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews wrote a most courageous letter to the Chinese ambassador in... read more

The Real Work of Parenting a Rare Girl

The therapists who saw my daughter with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome as ‘abnormal’ missed the light in her eyes—and a deep lesson about love By Heather Lanier, WSJ, July 23, 2020 When I was first pregnant in 2011, I went above and beyond the prenatal guidelines to make what I thought was... read more


By George Cardinal Pell, First Things, August 2020 There is a lot of goodness in prisons. At times, I am sure, prisons may be hell on earth. I was fortunate to be kept safe and treated well. I was impressed by the professionalism of the warders, the faith of the prisoners, and the existence of... read more

A Priest Just Doing His Job

By Steve Skojec, OnePterFive, July 23,2020 Sixteen years ago this summer, when the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter was just making inroads here in the Archdiocese of Phoenix, the first priest they sent was a newly ordained young man from France named Fr. Stéphane Dupré. My little (at the... read more
James Joyce (1915)

Farewell to Ulysses

By Michael McMahon, Crisis, July 27, 2020The recent toppling of statues regarded as representing white supremacy is a sign that James Joyce’s Ulysses may soon be toppled from its top rank on the lists of great novels. Not only is James Joyce a dead, white, European male, but his work,... read more

Eradicating the McCarrick Virus

The Editors, National Catholic Register, Juy 26, 2020 Two years after the former cardinal’s sexual predilections were revealed, the Vatican still hasn’t released its report.It has now been two years since Pope Francis accepted Theodore McCarrick’s resignation from the College of... read more
Margaret Sanger in 1916, when she was indicted for mailing materials advocating birth control, charges that were later dropped.

The Ghost of Margaret Sanger: Planned Parenthood and the complexities of anti-racism.

By Ross Douthat, NYT, uly 25, 2020 This week, Planned Parenthood of Greater New York announced that it would remove Margaret Sanger’s name from its Manhattan Health Center. The grounds were Sanger’s eugenic ideas and alliances, which for years have been highlighted by anti-abortion... read more

Slavery, Racism and the Church

By Paul de Lacvivier, The Remnant, July 22, 2020 I am always surprised to note how often mediocrity is praised as though it were absolute truth. Today it is racism, tomorrow it is democracy, the next day it is eco-theology. It never ends. On the racism front, the time has come to make clear... read more
Wedding Night of Tobias and Sarah

Sexual Acts – Good and Bad – Are for Real

London City Hall

Efficiency or Mediocrity?