On April 9, 2021 Catholic Citizens of Illinois Monthly Forum Luncheon Series Presented Dr. Alan B. Moy, John Paul II Medical Research Institute, on: “THE SLIPPERY SLOPE OF THE COVID VACCINES: IS OURS TOO EASY A MORALITY?”

The COVID 19 vaccines roll out.  Controversy erupts.  Are aborted fetuses being used in the developing, or testing or manufacture of these drugs?  Some say yes, others no.  Is this cooperation with intrinsic evil? Again, some say yes, some no.  The Leadership of our... read more


Fr. Joshua Caswell, currently the Superior General of the Canons of St. John Cantius here in Chicago, held his audience spellbound as he described the unexpected but wholly positive impact of the COVID virus shut-down on St. John Cantius and its mission, "to help Catholics rediscover a profound... read more

Catholic Citizens Forum Luncheon on August 14, 2020, featured Dr. Catherine Ruth Pakaluk: “ANSWERING THE CLARION CALL FOR SOCIALISM.” [LUNCHEON WAS SOLD OUT!]

ANSWERING THE CLARION CALL FOR SOCIALISM Jesus cautioned us: “Beware of false prophets . . . You will know them by their fruits. . . Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore, by their fruits you will know them.” Despite its... read more

Our March 13, 2020 Catholic Citizens of Illinois Forum Luncheon Speaker John Paul De Gance: “RESTORING THE DOMESTIC CHURCH: HOW TO REBUILD FAILING MARRIAGES, FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES.”

[Mr. J. P. De Gance will be the featured speaker at the March 13, 2020, Catholic Citizens Monthly Forum Luncheon. Reserve your seat HERE. Our luncheons commence at 11:45 a.m., at the Union League Club, 65 W. Jackson, Chicago, IL. Please note that the Union League Club requires business... read more

The ERA Died Decades Ago (So Why Are the Losers Still Fighting?)

The ERA Died Decades Ago (So Why Are the Losers Still Fighting?) COMMENTARY: For nearly 50 years, the Equal Rights Amendment has been scrutinized and firmly rejected for one simple reason: It’s not about equal rights for women — and pretending otherwise will never make it so. By Sue... read more

Our Catholic Citizens of Illinois’ Forum Luncheon Series On February 14, 2020 Featured Lumen Christi Scholar-In-Residence Rev. Paul V. Mankowski, S. J. on: “CRISIS IN THE CHURCH: REFORM OR REFORMATION?”

A Church in crisis can bring forth great reforms. But also, false reformers. As Jesus said: “the blind, who will only lead the blind into the ditch.” But Jesus also reassures: “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit.” ... read more
Rachel Fulton Brown

Rachel Fulton Brown, U of C Medievalist and author, spoke at our May 10, 2019 Forum Luncheon on: “Marian Devotion and the Art of Prayer.”

Rachel Fulton Brown, Associate Professor of Medieval History at the University of Chicago, and author of two well-received works on the history of Christianity with a focus on devotion to the Virgin Mary ("Mary and the Art of Prayer: The Hours of the Virgin in Medieval Christian Life and Thought"... read more
Attorney and author Mary Rice Hasson

Attorney, author Mary Rice Hasson spoke at our sold out April 12 Monthly Forum Luncheon on: “The Newest Insanity in the Public Schools: It’s Worse Than You Think.”

THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT Co-author, with Theresa Farnan, Phd.  of: "Get Out Now: Why You Should Pull Your Children From Public Schools Before Its Too Late"   Little Suzie comes home from school to announce that she is really more a boy than a girl.  Now she wants to... read more

Bioethics In Transition

Conference June 19 - 21, Trinity International University On Saturday, Mr. Richard Doerflinger, MA will speak on Bioethics In Public Policy: The Past and Future Challenge. For more information... read more