International Congress on Palliative Care

By Elizabeth Wickham,, December 23, 2017

This lineup for the Feb 28/March 1 workshop of the Pontifical Academy for Life Congress in Rome is certainly NOT pro-life! It is billed as a workshop “To Increase the Awareness of Palliative Care in Society Throughout the World.” Most of you have been on the LifeTree e-list enough to know that this is not a pro-life goal! Lifetree’s research shows that the new specialty of palliative medicine is the vehicle to completely transform medical care at End of Life into a death promoting culture. This is the agenda of the Third Path Movement financed by George Soros’ Project on Death in America, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and many other philanthropic foundations interested in making the hastening of death legal and the norm.

On Day 1 David Clark will discuss how palliative care improves society. Clark is the author Transforming the culture of Dying: The Work of the Project on Death in America, the history of the nine years of Soros funding which gave the impetus to a full transformation. Clark relies heavily on his interview with Dr. Kathleen Foley whom Soros put in charge of this program. Yes, Foley who is one of the new members of the Pontifical Academy for Life!

“Palliative care improves health” and “palliative care improves medicine” are also two of the topics slated for Day 1. Will they discuss that palliative leaders have encountered many physicians who are not willing to go along with their agenda because they believe the palliative care team encourages “comfort care only” too early. Nor will they discuss that many non-palliative specialists are now REQUIRED to receive training in palliative medicine as part of their continuing education.

Several sessions deal with palliative spirituality which is NOT founded in Catholic teachings. No sacramental preparation for a holy death. No parish priest but rather a chaplain trained in palliative philosophy. Did you know that one of the speakers on palliative spirituality Dr. Christine Puchalski defined the tools used to measure a patient’s level of spirituality? Did you know that Daniel Sulmasy, one of the new members of the Pontifical Academy for Life, is also an expert on measuring biopsychosocial health?

This workshop is barely two months away. Surely there will be people in the audience who are not totally on board with making palliative care a basic international human right. But this Pontifical Academy for Life workshop is paving the say for a gigantic cultural shift in how we care for our older folks. The picture is not pretty!!
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The other message to communicate is that the Pontifical Academy for Life is planning to fortify palliative medicine worldwide and make it the standard of care at end of life. But, palliative spirituality is not based on the Catholic religion!

You should know that the some members of the palliative care team are trained or will be trained to measure the patient’s level of spirituality. The goal is to record these measurs in the patient’s health care records. And….one of the new members of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Dr. Daniel Sulmasy, has been working to devise these measures!

At the next Pontifical Academy for Life meeting in Feb/mar the majority of the approximately 40 presenters will be people associated with of the World Health Organization and Soros Open Society Foundation in some way.

Palliative medicine trains palliative professionals in how to persuade the patient to sign an advanced directive such as a living will. Thus, the living will statute in every country is a necessity for the low profile wing of the euthanasia movement to fundamentally change society.

For your information, California was the first state to pass such a living will statute several decades ago, quickly followed by North Carolina and several other states. Before that the Church had been a leader in opposing the living will here in America. Then private foundations soon began funding the new field of palliative medicine. The two major funders were the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in the 80s and Soros Project on Death in America or PDIA the 90s. Dr. Kathleen Foley who is now a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life was in charge of all PDIA grants!!

Below is the Pontifical Academy for Life information distributed about the International Congress Febuary 28 and March 1, 2018.

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