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Welcome to Advent! The Prior’s Advent Message

By Prior Michael Brunner O.S.B., Portsmouth Abbey, November 28, 2020 Welcome to Advent… a nice Latin word meaning something like “the arrival.” It also has the connotation of looking forward. So now is the Church’s season of Advent, which looks forward to Christmas. And in that sense... read more

Senior canon lawyer at the Vatican revealed as sexual abuser

On the eve of the clergy abuse summit in Rome, U.S. diocese says No. 3 official at the Vatican's 'supreme court' has been 'removed from ministry' Robert Mickens, Rome, Vatican City February 15, 2019Pope Francis has got a real mess on his hands. In just a few days he will gather the... read more


... read more

Contraception: The Gateway to Moral Decay

  Contraception: The Gateway to Moral Decay by Fr. Shenan J. Boquet Based on the findings of a recent Gallup poll released on May 30, Americans are becoming more accepting of a number of controversial issues. At the top of Gallup’s list of 19 issues was contraception, of which 90 percent... read more

Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution

Transgender Surgery Isn't the Solution A drastic physical change doesn't address underlying psycho-social troubles. By PAUL MCHUGH June 12, 2014 7:19 p.m. ET The government and media alliance advancing the transgender cause has gone into overdrive in recent weeks. On May 30, a U.S. Department... read more

Archbishop Cordileone leads marriage charge at bishops meeting

  Archbishop Cordileone leads marriage charge at bishops meeting Promotes June 19 march in Washington The following comes from a June 11 posting on Much of the opening day of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops 2014 Spring General Assembly on Wednesday was devoted to... read more

Time to Stop the War on Inequality

By John Horvat II Advocates of equality are only too eager to overthrow the present economic structures in the name of fairness and opportunity. According to their logic, inequality begets a two-tiered society where moneyed interests rule, while all others languish. In this oversimplified ever... read more

Pope Francis: Pets Can’t Replace Children

By Dennis Prager The pope criticized “these marriages, in which the spouses do not want children, in which the spouses want to remain without fertility. This culture of well-being … convinced us: It’s better not to have children! It’s better! You can go explore the world, go on holiday,... read more

Mayor Lee and Lt. Gov. Newsom blast Archbishop for event promoting ‘hatred’ to gays

By Joe Garofoli San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom are among those urging San Francisco Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone not to attend a June 19 rally in Washington sponsored by two organizations that have lobbied hard nationally against same sex marriage. “We ask... read more


WASHINGTON - Sado-masochism is now being promoted by Planned Parenthood in its sex education information. In a new trailer put out by LiveAction Films, BDSM is described as "simply changing the definition of romance," one reporter says, while Planned Parenthood staffers say pain with sex is... read more

This poor child is confused, not ‘transgendered.’

 Matt Walsh Is this it? Have we reached the basement? Is this our cultural rock bottom moment? Is this when our society wakes up behind a liquor store dumpster in the middle of the afternoon, stumbles to its feet, catches its reflection in a puddle of urine and finally whispers, “I have a... read more

99 Percent of People With Down Syndrome Say They’re Happy With Their Lives

Christianity meant to be practiced not imagined, says Pope

Abortion: A History of Coercion and Destruction

Catholic Group Exempt From Contraceptives Rule


A Planned Parenthood Parable

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Does Not Fund Abortion, Melinda Reveals

Moms tricked into deadly experimental trial