“Cancel” culture

White Woke Narcissism Knows No Bounds

By Jonbathon Coe, Crisis, April 15, 2021 Several decades ago, in The Triumph of the Therapeutic, Philip Rieff contended that, in the West, the religious worldview that was concerned with personal salvation in God had been eclipsed by the therapeutic culture. The primary goal of this new,... read more

The Politics of Memory

by Stanley G. Payne, First Things, May 2021 In January 2020, the Socialist government of Spain, led by Pedro Sánchez, proposed a bill of profound cultural and political significance: a “Law of Historical and Democratic Memory.” If adopted, this law will bring to completion a twenty-year... read more


Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on an Oklahoma lawmaker who is under fire: In the course of debating pro-life legislation in Oklahoma, state Rep. Jim Olsen compared the evil of abortion to the evil of slavery. [I]n the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858, [Democrat]... read more

‘I make no apology for it’: Oklahoma state congressman compares abolishing abortion to abolishing slavery

By Cassandra Sweetman, Nexstar Media Wire, April 8, 2021 OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma House member came under fire Wednesday for making a comment some are calling racially insensitive, comparing abortion and slavery. Rep. Jim Olsen was introducing his bill, SB 612, which would... read more

A Contest of Civility: The Stakes of the Battle over the Equality Act

By Cory D. Higdon, Public Discourse, April 5, 2021 There are far more egregious consequences of the Equality Act than its lack of protections for religious freedom. It celebrates and legitimizes a way of life that is fundamentally destructive, both on an individual and societal level. The... read more

Corporate critics of Georgia election law incorporated in Delaware, which has strict voting rules

State requires excuses for absentee voting, makes voters request absentee application. By Daniel Payne, Just the News, April 14, 2021 Numerous major corporate critics of Georgia's new election reform law are themselves incorporated in the business-friendly state of Delaware,... read more

Facebook Blocks NY Post Story on BLM Founder’s Mansions

By Eric Mack NewsMax, April 16, 2021 Big tech is covering for liberal activists and censoring the New York Post again, blocking a story on the Black Lives Matter co-founder's multiple million-dollar homes. Facebook is preventing users from sharing the Post report, instead giving the error... read more

Amazon blocks review of pro-life devotional book that reviewer said helps her pray to end abortion

'Why would Amazon ban this comment? They apparently support abortion and are afraid of prayer' By Pete Baklinsk, LifeSite News, April 15, 2021 April 15, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Amazon refused to publish a woman’s review of a pro-life devotional book that she said in her review helped her... read more

Dr. Seuss Meets the Cancel Culture — and Loses

By Anthony Esolen, National Catholic Register, April 5, 2021 We hear that the estate of Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, will withdraw from sale a couple of that bland old liberal’s books. In one of them, as I have seen, there is a picture of a Chinese man eating with chopsticks.... read more

Christ was Cancelled First

By Elizabeth A. Mitchell, Catholic Thing, March 7, 2021 In the courtyard of the High Priest, on the evening of Holy Thursday, a palpable fear will grip Peter’s heart. His Master is arrested. The powers of this world are entering into their triumph, and Peter is next in their sights. Christ... read more

Chicago considers canceling Marquette University’s namesake from public parks

Chicago considers canceling Marquette University’s namesake from public parks ESTHER WERMER - BOYCE COLLEGE •MARCH 18, 2021 Jacques Marquette’s order said they trust the city to do a good job A Chicago advisory committee tasked with exploring controversial works of art has set its... read more