A Pope who doesn’t fear schism may cause one

By Phil Lawler,, September 11, 2019 “I am not afraid of schisms,” Pope Francis told reporters during his latest airplane press conference. Well, I am. And I’m afraid of any Roman Pontiff who isn’t afraid of splitting the universal Church. Which means that, yes,... read more

Crying out for ‘the homily of the future’

Archbishop of Munich questions preachers' lack of variety, wants them to be more inclusive of 'gifted' laity By Anne-Bénédicte Hoffner, La Croix, July 26, 2019 Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the President of the German Bishops' Conference, admits he has been "a little disappointed" by some of the... read more

Cardinal Gerhard Muller: ‘True Reform of the Church Is About Her Renewal in Christ’

In a wide-ranging interview that discusses the Pan-Amazon synod and the Church in his home country of Germany, the cardinal says Western Christianity is experiencing a crisis of faith and spiritual leadership. By Edward Pentin, July 5, 2019 The thinking behind the much-debated working... read more

Pope Francis on the loaves and fishes

Why miracles aren't magic tricks By David Mills, LaCrix, July 3, 2019 As predictable as a Baltimore Orioles loss, anti-Francis Catholics celebrated Corpus Christi with a misleading story about Pope Francis, of the "Look at how this foolish man is undermining the faith now" sort. It popped... read more

Does Bp. Schneider’s call for Pope to ‘correct’ Abu Dhabi statement lend weight to heresy accusations?

Editor's note: Catholic Philosopher Paolo Pasqualucci is one of the first 19 signatories of the Open Letter to Bishops accusing Pope Francis of committing heresy. By: Paolo Pasqualucci, Life Site News, May 16, 2019 [ANALYSIS] It seems to me that the recent, courageous and explosive... read more

How to Fight the Coming War

By Damien Peterson, The Remnant, March 12, 2019 The bell rings. Everyone stands. Incense fills the air. The priest and altar boys make their slow and humble procession around the pews and down to the altar. Several words are chanted in a language set apart only to be used for speaking to God... read more

Herald of Hope: There is a Right Answer in Abortion Debate

The Catholic Herald | February 18, 2019 BY ARCHBISHOP JEROME LISTECKI When missionaries reached the shores of newly discovered lands, they were confronted with the culture of people who had no relationship to Christianity. In fact, some still practiced the brutal custom of human sacrifice to... read more

Bishop’s Blog / Glorious Chastity – One Bishop’s Reflection

By Bishop Strickland, February 14, 2019  In the year 2019, we live in a world that’s off kilter. One of the deepest roots of the present chaos is the lack of willingness to embrace Glorious Chastity. I specifically use the word “glorious” because I believe it is God’s plan that... read more

Amoris Laetitia in Light of Theology of the Body

By Msgr. Robert Batule, May 14, 2018 Pontificates are hard things to peg. When they begin, we can never be sure how they are going to turn out. In 1978, a Polish cardinal who had been an active participant at the Second Vatican Council was elected the 263rd Successor of Saint Peter. He was... read more

Brady doc: ‘Tom vs. Time’ and the pursuit of perfection

By Matthew Becklo, Aleteia, February o3, 2018 The 5-part Facebook documentary offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at Brady’s life ...and something disturbing to think about. At the risk of losing friends and alienating people, I have to be honest about something. I’m a Patriots... read more

Is Doctrine Divisive?

June 25, 2017 by Fr. Dwight Longenecker From time to time one hears from the progressives that “doctrine is divisive”. We’re to have “a pastoral approach” and not speak about doctrine and discipline in the church. This is a lie, and not even a very smart one, and yet it is amazing... read more


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