Gender Theory

When Rights Are Wrong

By Donald Demarco, Crisis, April 30, 2021 There are few topics that are of greater importance than “rights.” At the same time, the topic of rights has been egregiously misunderstood and fraudulently represented. What are rights? Are they the exclusive domain of human beings? What is... read more

The Biden Administration’s Effort to Suppress the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God

By Fr. Mario Alexis Portella, Crisis, April 27, 2021 I recently logged onto the Voice of America (VOA) website—an American international broadcaster funded by the U.S. Congress—and saw an article entitled “LGBTQ Members Face Threats in Iraqi Kurdistan,” which discussed the plight of... read more

SADOW: Edwards Campaigns For Vatican Ambassador, Shuns Catholic Doctrine

By Jeff Sadow, The Hayride, April 22nd, 2021 I guess it’s true, from his latest opining about legislation before the Louisiana Legislature: Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards does want to abandon his current post and become ambassador to the Holy See. Some observers have speculated... read more

Pro-abortion constitutional reform in Mexico paused

By David Ramos, Catholic News Agency, April 17, 2021 The administration of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and legislators from his ruling National Regeneration Movement decided to put on hold for now the debate on amending the federal constitution to insert abortion rights and... read more

Here Are the States That Want to Ban Trans Surgeries for Minors

By Mary Margaret Olohan. Dily Signal, April 13, 2021At least 16 states have taken action to ban doctors from performing transgender surgeries and procedures on minors. Arkansas became the first state to ban the surgeries and procedures for minors when the Legislature overrode Republican Gov.... read more

Sex, Gender and a Whole Lot of Confusion

A conversation with Catholic literary scholar and former postmodern feminist Abigail Favale. Jonathan Liedl, National Catholic Register, April 12, 2021 Deep confusion about sexual identity is a seeming cornerstone of contemporary society, plaguing not only our institutions and laws, but,... read more

On Being Mother and Teacher in Equal Measure: A Reply to Cardinal Schönborn

By Regis Martin, Crisis Magazine, April 8, 2021 One of the earliest memories I have of Franciscan University, which is the school in Steubenville, Ohio where I teach, took place one evening years ago while leaving my office to go home. Fr. Benedict Groeschel, a wise and holy priest who founded... read more

GOP Arkansas Governor Vetoes Ban on Gender Transition Surgery for Minors

By Zachary Evans, National Review, April 5, 2021 Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson, a Republican, vetoed a bill that would ban doctors from performing gender transition surgery or offering puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones to minors. “Government under a conservative philosophy should... read more


By George Weigel, First Things, March 24, 2021 There is no need to belabor the awfulness of the year of lockdowns, shutdowns, and other downers that began in mid-March 2020. Among the failures that will bear serious scrutiny going forward are those of inept local governments. If Americans can... read more

Equality Act trashes truth and crushes conscience

Equality Act trashes truth and crushes conscienceBy Robert G. Marshall ( bio - articles - email ) | Mar 31, 2021 President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi want doctors and health care establishments to perform abortions and sex change operations, provide puberty blockers for minors, and... read more

Same-Sex Blessing Reaction Echoes Rollout of Humanae Vitae

Just as they did in 1968, Catholic dissidents push alternate narrative ahead of official Church teaching. By Judy Roberts, National Catholic Register, March 31, 2021 For Catholics who welcomed the Vatican’s recent statement barring blessings of same-sex unions, the flurry of objections... read more