Time to Rethink or Even Abolish the USCCB? “RealCatholicTV” Editorial Asks Tough Questions About Mismanagement, Misinformation, and Lack of Accountability

CCI NOTES: In the last decade, the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB) has been dragged down by the clerical abuse scandals, CCHD contributions to political and criminal activities, garbled, pedantic, and ineffective instructions to Catholics (most recently on Catholic voting), outrageous internet reviews praising debraved movies, and an incredible ability to blunder into areas they know nothing about. RealCatholicTV.com and an increasing number of Catholics observe that the USCCB is devolving into a Keystone Cops organization that is doing more damage to the Catholic faith in America than our stated enemies. For a 5 minute video on the need to rethink the usefullness of the USCCB, which is paid for by millions of dollars in mandatory levies on every Catholic diocese, CLICK HERE