Pastors and Prelates, Fly Away Home, Your House is on Fire, Your Children All Gone…

I was recently interviewed on a radio program. The topic was “same-sex marriage,” and the other guest was a 22 year-old friend of the host. The young woman is a Christian and recent graduate of Howard University’s nursing program. During the course of the interview, she told us a number of things that I think are critical for the church to hear:

She encounters increasing numbers of young people who either identify as homosexual or affirm homosexuality. These people are her friends, but she rarely expresses her views to them primarily because she feels ill-equipped to do so.

She feels frustrated that the church fails to portray and reflect Jesus accurately. She said Jesus was radical, and the church today is the opposite.

She is discouraged by the absence of leadership in the church on this issue.

She feels that older Christians set a terrible example of hypocrisy, inconsistency, conformity to the world, and cowardice.
We are losing our youth on the issue of homosexuality, which will ultimately erode their respect for the authority of Scripture on other issues and accelerate the erosion of sexual morality, family integrity, children’s rights, parental rights, speech rights, and religious liberty as they become our culture-makers.