Don’t bother mentioning ‘Ex Corde’ at Fordham.

Don’t bother mentioning ‘Ex Corde’ at Fordham. In a clear sign of just how debauched the Jesuits at this once prestigious university have become, hundreds of homosexuals have been invited to hatch plans for more effective use of the courts to sledgehammer Christian culture and use the State’s muscle to force acceptance of their lifestyle.

The homosexual website promoting the event annouced that the “Lavender Law Programming Committee has invited the country’s leading lawyers to head discussions and strategy sessions on practical litigation skills, sodomy law developments, will drafting and estate planning, employment discrimination, workplace diversity, domestic violence, transgender issues, career development, LGBT in academia, civil rights, HIV and AIDS, immigration law, the military, legislation updates, family law, LGBT youth and much more!” Fordham is listed as a “sponsor” of the event.

Fordham’s website states this Jesuit university believes that “true learning stretches the heart as well as the mind.” Speaking of stretching, isn’t their reference to being a Catholic college stretching the truth?